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Tell Out! is a Hungarian based private education system which reflects on communication development from beginner level up to advanced level. Tell Out! is focusing on practical knowledge and use of English language. It is not either a language exam preparing course or language school course. Only private lessons are kept in a cosy homelike atmosphere with variable timeline and course opportunities. 

At Tell Out taking care of students and following their performance in English is a warranty. The courses have a well-built 3 stage process including the basic grammartical and vocabulary, definitely foucing on sentences' structure and the 'how to create' logic. Tell Out has its own, state-approved coursebook containing 28 chapters, 18 summerizing context and 8 tests (called milestones). The coursebook covers the first stage of the learning process  - called Basic Knowledge of English - 100% suitable for beginners and students at higher level as well. After possessing the basics we turn into the 2nd stage - called technical knowledge in communication development. This time we have a chance getting to know how to focus on longer text translation including key words, how to summarize and express yourself, besides improving vocabulary and basic communication skills.

After the performance of the second step comes the last one, the real skill development. At this point developing of your improvization, presentation and interpretation skills are on set. 

The process of Tell Out is 100% proper for beginners and progressive students as well. Depending on your level it takes 1-1-5, year to have a fluent English communication skill. 
The coursebook of stage one is mostly for Hungarian students due to its language but have a chance to buy the book for everyone. 

The material of each lesson is provided only for the period of class therefore taking photos or have photocopies are banned except for homeworks.



Below you can choose the ideal price / class offer for you. Tell Out classes take place personally in Hungary (1073 Budapest Erzsébet körút 23.) or have a chance for online lessons anytime!

Class charges:


5500 HUF / person 
100' min. /  occ.

A new course has begun. The "Talk-A-Week" course is 6 -day (6 occassions) practice including only communication training + vocabulary tasks. The course takes 100' minutes/occasion whilst we are having an interactive communication and practising time. The course is avaible from level B1 (pre-intermediate) to B2 (intermediate) and / or from level B2 (intermediate) to level C1.1. (pre-advanced). Before the practice you are offered to complete a free placement test in order to checking your suitability for each course.

"Lunch-Break Lessons"

3000 HUF / person /
45' minutes

The highly popular "Lunch Break Lessons" are coming back. The lessons are suitable for anyone who has no time in the evening to study English, instead daytime mini English practice is prefered. The lessons are only on Tuesday, Thrusday and Saturday, at 11:45, 12:30 or 13:15. Of course, individual requests are accepted. 

"Basic 50"

3500 HUF / person /
50' minutes

The basic 50' minutes lessons are the most popular. This type of class can be chosen on weekdays and weekends as well. On weekdays you can apply between 9:30-11:30 and 14:30-21:30, while at weekends you can make appointments between 9:30-14:30  based on free appointments
The lessons are gross 50' minutes, it includes the arriving, lessons, making of next appointments and leaving as well. 

"Double basic"

7000 HUF / person /
100' minutes

The longer-basic 100' minutes lessons are offered for students who can take part only once / week.  This type of class can be chosen on weekdays and weekends as well. On weekdays you can apply between 9:30-11:30 and 14:30-21:30, while at weekends you can make appointments between 9:30-14:30 . The lessons are gross 100' minutes, it includes the arriving, lessons, next appointments making and leaving as well. 

"2-member lessons"

2800 HUF / person /
50' minutes

2-member lessons are 50' minutes classes where 2 people take part in together. Its advantage the interactivity among members, the chance of a 3 way communication. The class is offered for friends and couples if they would like develop together. However, the lessons could be fesible if the two participant are on the same level of knowledge.  The lessons are gross 50' minutes, it includes the arriving, lessons, making of next appointments and leaving as well. 


Below you can find how to apply for the classes.

1. Choose your ideal type of class and write an email to hello@tellout.hu. In the email, please, share me these information:

  • your level of knowledge

  • your wish and aim of English

  • number of lessons / week you'd like

  • your basic freetime for classes

2. I will reply your letter and if I can help you, I will send you a placement test to check your knowledge. Meanwhile, we must make an appointment for a Lesson 0., when we meet personally or online and discuss your asks and I share the regulations and payment issues. It takes 30 min. and charge-free. This is the time when we can arrange further appointments.

3. Then You can join to my lesson and our common will began :) Don't forget an exercise book + a pen!


Feel free to contact me via email if you have any special questions:


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