The basic course of Tell Out is called BASIC 50' which lasts for 50' minutes/occassion. We continually strive for rearranging all of our courses to adapt to current needs. By offering varieties of courses you are ensured to find the ideal form of lessons.

All courses are led by a well-structured syllabus by adapting to the level of each client. In most cases you are asked to complete a 100% free placement test in order to get information about your current level of English. By filling out the sheet it contributes to identify which is your next level that is recommended to master for fluency.

All lessons are in gross which means the lenght of any courses includes your arriving, packing, toliet using and any personal arrangements. All clients' gross lesson minutes are theirs and are guarenteed by the Tell Out!.

The type of lessons are renewed from time to time. Below, please, take a look at the current courses and feel free to apply any of them.


The newest course of Tell Out! is called Talk-A-Week which is a 6-day long courses only for vocabulary & speaking. The course is definitely for communication therefore any grammatical inputs are not included. The Talk-A-Week is available on two levels, B1+ and B2-C1. The course is recommended for anyone with the aim of intensive communication with vocabulary training in a short period of time.
100' minutes/lesson
6 occassion (6 days)

Lunch-Break Lessons

The popular Lunch-Break Lessons consists of 45' minutes long work This course is available between 12:00-15:00, on weekdays (during lunch time) online only. The main syllabus is equal to the BASIC 50' lessons including pre-arranging (fix dates in a month).The course is offered for anyone who has less sparetime after work or in the evening, however, rather available during daytime with a great meal.
Details:45' minutes / lesson (online)
Recommended number of lessons: 2 times / week

Basic 50'

The default course of Tell Out! is called Basic 50' which is a normal 50' minutes long course. After completing the placement test, we focus on acquiring all new, necessary grammars, vocabulary, reading while we are improving your communication skills through interactive exercises adapting to your current level.
Lessons are available online and personally in Budapest (Hungary) from level beginner to advanced. The basic course is recommended for anyone who would like to master the English communication step by step.

50' minutes / lessons
Recommended number of lessons: 2-3 times / week

2-member lessons

During this course two clients are participating at the same time. The main syllabus is the same with the BASIC 50' lessons, however, here you have a chance to initiate two 2-way interaction, speaking with a mate and the teacher, moreover, completing special, communication exercises.The course is recommended for couples, friends, colleauges if both clients' level of knowledge is equal approximately and are more able to learn in teams than in single form.
50' minutes / lessons
Recommended number of lessons: 2-3 times / week