What is

Tell Out?





Tell Out! is a private education system, a coursebook and methology which aims to:

  • C O M M U N I C A T I O N T R A I N I N G

  • O N E - T O - O N E L E S S O N S

  • P A Y A B L E F E E S

  • D I R E C T N E S S A N D T R U S T

Tell Out! is definitely for the improvement of real-life communication and all its necessary skills. During the everyday communication grammar plays a less significant role including if the correct tenses or gerunds are being used or not. Undisputably, certain grammatical background is required and indispensable , however, understanding and comprehension is rather substantial, in fact, being able to react properly on our own is a determinative factor.

The system of Tell Out! is specialized in comprehension and speaking. Interpreting an English text or understanding one's speech on the street might be easier, indeed without any help by experts or teachers could be done due to online dictionaries or Google Translator. In contrast, expressing even only one thought in a foreign language may cause difficulties. Tell Out! specially focuses on being able understand and react either from beginner or advanced level in any everyday life situation in order to create long, meaningful sentences in a correct form avoding any non-verbal gestures or word by word translations.

All this without filling boring photocopies, but by mastering all essential grammatical inputs logically, by practising all the rules and theoritical parts verbally and put them into real practice, finally completing communicative exercises as well as developing speaking skills. For this process, the first, published, billingual book of Tell Out (Tell Out! Angol nyelvi alapozó ismeretek) is available from the webshop.

Tell Out! is a real help for everyone who has any struggles in fluent communication by tipically focusing on communication skills, improvisation, presentation and creativity which is already taught from the first lesson.

In case of preparing for language exams, school tests, graduations etc. unlimitied sources are available as well as language schools and private tutors. Nevertheless, if your aim is fluent communication, being able to answer the tourist on the street, giving a presentation at your workplace, defeating blocks in unexpected situations (improvisation) and last but not least, interpreting a video to your lovely one, then it is your English couse! Not forgetting to mention the issue of self-confidence: "be brave to tell out what you think".

It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner, either you are not young, nor you might fought with acquiring English language for long years unsuccessfully. If you have a purpose and motivation, you might be able to speak English fluently by a proper, systematic intensity. Achiving your goal, a bit of Tell Out! spice is needed.

My name is Szabolcs Szilágyi, private tutor, the head of Tell Out!

I've been teaching English communication for almost 4 years for adults at Tell Out but I have some experiences with teenagers and children as well both at Tell Out and in public education. I belive, achieving any goals such as fluency requires a lot of effort, begining with "acts besides planning (...)